One of the most annoying elements of aging for an athlete is that it takes longer to recover from big efforts. Grand escapades are still possible and results can still be impressive, but recovery can take twice as long. Last summer, I was involved in a 21 - hour sprint that, while successful, wrecked my entire body.

I didn't need a hospital or drugs, just a few sessions on the Total Body Shaper. I felt fine after only two days, and was climbing hard again the next weekend. The machine is amazing.

Gerry Roach Biography

Gerry Roach, only the second man in history to climb the seven major summits in the world called today with his endorsement of our Total Body Shaper.

Gerry, 67 and his wife, 60, participated in a 100 mile marathon in the Rocky Mountains with 31,000 feet of vertical climb. Jerry said it was the hardest thing he has ever done (and he's climbed Mount Everest!!!) and he didn't think he would be able to recover from the strain for weeks.

He got home and climbed on the Executive Triplaner and said that he was astounded that he had complete recovery in two days! Visit Gerry's website at: www.earthviewadventures.com

Gerry Roach
Age 67
Boulder, Colorado

I am an avid golfer who has had 4 discectomy, lower back surgery.

Hitting 50 - 75 balls on the driving range as a game warm up, would give me the ability to start hitting a solid ball. Therefore with this time on the driving range and playing, by the 9th hole my back was seizing up. Using the Total Body Shaper for 10 minutes before going to my driving range, I can now hit a solid ball in about 10 balls. I am now hitting the ball more consistently while playing 18 holes with no back pain.

The muscle memory by positioning in the different swing segments was nothing short of phenomenal. I continue to do the different positions of the golf swing on the machine year round to maintain my swing. Using the Total Body Shaper I have increased my distance by 20%.

Don Hartwell

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